In Mongolia, the metal and nonferrous materials demand is growing rapidly from day to day because of rapid development of the industrial sectors such as energy, mining, construction, road, bridge, light industry and agriculture. Therefore, the size of welding works also increasing.

In connection with it, the welding industrial processing and equipment and welding works quality examination methods are being modernized and the quantities of the welders and welding experts are continuously increasing is required to improve their skills and acknowledges and the high quality requirements for the metal and nonferrous materials are needed.

The Mongolian Material Science and Welding Society (MMSWS), which has objectives to serve for the coordination of all activities, related welding industry under the nongovernmental organization throughout Mongolia was founded in Ulaanbaatar city in October of 2007.
The main objective of the MMSWS is to modernize and to improve qualities of the material science and the welding industry in all economical sectors of the Mongolia.

For the purpose of achieving above main objective, the MMSWS is carrying out following major activities:

  • To conduct qualification test and to grant certificates of the performance to the welders and welding specialists by enhancing their skills and technical abilities by the way of cooperating together with organizations of home country and abroad countries.
  • To assist and advise organization and welding personals to make the welding technology and procedure advanced.
  • To assist organizations to put the new welding equipment and technology into practice.
  • To promote international and national scientific and technical information exchange and cooperate with abroad organizations in the direction of welding industry and material science.
  • To organize international and national welding exhibitions shows, training and commodity fairs to make a channel between manufacture and consumer and to promote the young people to acquire welding profession.
  • To work out the formulation of professional standards, codes, regulations and guidelines related welding industry and make them an advanced. To release welding magazine including economic and technological information.
  • To consult on welding works quality control assurance and document gathering and preparing by organizations and individuals.
  • To recommend the government to improve the legal and marketing environment of welding industry and material science.
  • To promote to initiate new laboratory, training center and company related welding and material science
  • To assist and to promote research activities on welding works suitable to specific of main economic sectors.

As of today, the society has integrated over 30 biggest organizations in different fields and over 70 high qualified welders and welding experts who are working in above organization into our membership.

According to our research, there are over 50 specifications satisfying international standards related with welding, welding quality control and welder qualification examinations in Mongolia.

As of 2010, there are 25 training units such as technical college, training centre and welding courses organized by private companies and about 380 people acquire welding profession in those trainings in every year and there are 90 welder qualification trainings in Mongolia.

There are about 20 laboratories for the NDE, welding and material science under the entities, companies and science research organizations.

MMSWS is executing below mentioned activities

  • Asian Welding Federation (AWF) that is the international welding institute enrolled as a member in 2008 and we are participating in all activities organized by this organization. We are cooperating together in AWF ISO 9606 for Asian countries welder certification code and cooperating with member countries for this federation.
  • MMSWS members have visited German Welding Society, Duisburg Welding Training and Research Center and Hannover Welding Technique Testing Training and Research and seen over welding training, welders and welding experts qualification training, welding research work and new welding processing and equipment. Our society have signed in the Memorandum of Understanding with Duisburg Welding Training and Research Center and prepared a project establishing Welding Institute in Mongolia and started to implement the project.
  • Our society has organized business travels to participate the welding people in the international welding exhibitions carried out in Japan Kyoto and Tokyo cities, China Shanghai and Beijing cities and German Essen city for the purpose of studying new equipment, welding technology and welding consumables and establishing business relationship. Total 25 organization’s 39 people were participated.
  • For the purpose of satisfying the welders and welding experts qualification and certification to the international standards, our society have prepared the “The regulation of the welders and welding experts qualification and certification” and approved by the order No. 21 dated 25th of January 2010 for the Minister of the Mineral and Energy Ministry. This regulation coordinates relations related with certification of the welders and welding experts and defines the certification examination system. Also this regulation specifies that authorized professional welding federation or society is responsible for qualification and certification of the welders and welding experts. MMSWS has taken this duty in 2010.
  • Under the activities to improve and implement the standards and specifications for the welding industry, MMSWS initiated preparing of following serial standards for “Quality requirement for the fusion welding of metallic materials” and those standards were approved by resolution No.02 dated 22nd of March 2010 issued by National Standardization and Measurement Board.
    • Criteria to select the level of the quality requirement MNS ISO 3834-1: 2010
    • Comprehensive quality requirement MNS ISO 3834-2: 2010
    • Standard quality requirement MNS ISO 3834-3: 2010
    • Elementary quality requirement MNS ISO 3834-4: 2010


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